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  • Bestseller Desnoods met wapens (2023)
  • New York Post & Amazon Bestseller Seducing and Killing Nazis (2019)
  • Women Leaders in times of Conflict, Crisis or Change (WWII, Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, COVID-19, climate change)
  • Women’s Leadership: Passion, Purpose, People, Perspective & Perseverance (5Ps)
  • Women’s rights, Human Rights & Global Governance
  • Writing Workshop (Narrative) Non-Fiction
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Book Presentation

> Desnoods met wapens

Bestseller 2023

> Seducing and Killing Nazis

New York Post & Amazon Bestseller 2019

Book Presentation

In Dutch or English

The astonishing, true story of Hannie Schaft (19) and sisters Truus (16) and Freddie (14) Oversteegen who took up arms against the Nazis in the Netherlands during World War II, has inspired many throughout the world. Explore this story more in-depth, the motivation of the heroines and the impact of their resistance work on their lives. Learn first hand facts from the author, lessons to be derived from the story and translate them into your own professional and personal life.


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Women Leaders in times of Conflict, Crisis & Change

Research shows that women are better leaders in times of conflict and in crisis situations. In addition, they are better instigators and managers of change. What constitutes a conflict, crisis or change? How do women differ from men with regard to coping-mechanisms and which qualities do women possess to show genuine, trustworthy and strong leadership skills? Case studies from WWII, Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, COVID-19, economic crisis and climate change will be thoroughly examined that you can translate into your own professional business or private life.


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Purpose Driven Leadership & the 5P Framework

What makes a good leader? A comparative analysis of traditional and modern leaders will be carried out, based on real cases and examples. What does it take to become a value based and purpose driven leader? Five pillars of women’s leadership will be examined thoroughly: Passion, Purpose, People, Perspective and Perseverance. You will analyze your own core values and apply those in your professional life and on a personal level.


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Women’s Rights, Human Rights & Global Governance

What does the concept of human rights entail? Why do we need specific women’s rights? What is the historical and philosophical background of these rights and how are they perceived in different parts of the world? Which legal, political, economical and social instruments are in place to guarantee these rights and what are the challenges of the present-day enforcement mechanisms? How do earth rights come into play? What role does business play in protecting and promoting these rights and how can your business contribute to global governance?


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Writing Workshop (Narrative) Non-Fiction

Creative Content & Business Strategy

Always wanted to write but don’t know where to start, how and when?

Explore Writing Non-Fiction

  • Historical Non-Fiction
  • Women’s Non-Fiction
  • Narrative Non-Fiction
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Travel & Personal Essay

Strategic Planning; (Self) Publishing; Pitching; Marketing

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THRIVE: Connect,
Reflect & Act

Mini course for Senior Leaders
& Personal Leadership

Aiming to THRIVE women leaders face several challenges. This interactive course investigates what constitutes successful leadership for society, your company and you personally, guides you in identifying internal and external obstacles and explores different tools to overcome or manage them (structural changes in society, support, self-care). Examination of society, environment and self-study are essential to establish deeper connections and to lead more sustainably, effortlessly and effectively.


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Consult Sophie Poldermans on:

  • Desnoods met wapens
  • Seducing and Killing Nazis
  • Women Leaders in times of Conflict, Crisis or Change;
  • Women’s Leadership;
  • Women’s Rights, Human Rights, Global Governance
  • Writing (Narrative) Non-Fiction
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